Private Chain Setup

Rand Labs offers a full range and depth of blockchain tools & infrastructure required to build and run novel business networks on Algorand blockchain.

We provide complete turnkey solutions to set up private blockchains and for your own business networking needs.

Our Private Chain Turnkey Setup Includes:
Block Explorer

Most Advanced Block Explorer

White Label Solution

Smart Contract Visualization

Multi Private Network Support

Advanced Data Analytics Integration

Customizable Indexer, Accounts And Transaction

Block Explorer

Non-Custodial & Custodial Wallet

White Label Solution

Multisignature Technology

Advanced Asset & Token Administration Tools

Custom Feature Request

Hardware Wallet Support


Fully Serviced API

Easy and Simple

Highly Scalable Infrastructure

Optimal Response Time

Custom Feature Request

Compatible with AlgoSDK

Benefits of Our Technology
Scalable to billions of transactions
Fast transaction finality
Low to no transaction costs
Public and Private network native interoperability
Infraestructure Layer
High availability service:

Infrastructure is distributed
across several countries

Secure by design:

Service monitoring using high time resolution, hardened OS, DDoS active & passive protection

High performance computing:

Service built on dedicated bare
metal infrastructure

SSD storage:

Storage built on top of
Enterprise-grade NVMe SSD

High network performance:

1 GB/s guaranteed

Self Hosted Nodes:

Keep infrastructure ownership

Private Chain Use Cases:

Banking Networks

Private and Semi-Public Consortiums

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Fiat backed stablecoins

Private ecosystems within the public blockchain

Regulated Financial Assets

Want to set up a co-chain or private chain? Contact Us